Mr Clean Detailing Says Thank You to the Lincoln County Community

14. January, 2013


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Today, January 14, 2013, was a special day for Mr. Clean Detailing of Lincolnton NC.  Chris Bostic, owner of Mr. Clean Detailing, was very vocal about how the mass shooting in Connecticut was weighing heavy on his heart.  It made him think about how valuable our teachers 


are to our community and how he can give just a little “thank you” for their service.

Mr. Clean visited the Lincoln County Board of Education to drop off a coupon to each of the 24 public schools in the Lincoln County School District for a free car wash to a teacher of their choice.  Mr. Clean did this to show is appreciate to our school teachers.  Chris Bostic also gave a coupon to each of the 2 Charter Schools in Lincoln County.

Mr. Bostic didn’t stop at the schools when it came to his appreciation; he also gave a free car wash coupon to 12 fire departments, 3 EMS, the Lincoln County Sheriff Department, the Police Department, and the Highway Patrol of Lincoln County.  Mr. Clean Auto Detailing feels that our first responders needed a “thank you” for their service also!

For more information on Mr. Clean Detailing, please visit or call 704-349-1206.

Mr. Clean Detailing is your premier auto detailing shop. From cars, buses, commercial vehicles, and big rigs.. Mr. Clean Detailing can clean your vehicle inside and out!

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